First product: hair and scalp serum in oil 

This amazing hair oil is 100 % natural oil, that made by blending more than 15 basic and essential oil, to give ultimate benefits to our scalp, the presence of CITRUS OIL and other essential oil help PURIFY THE SCALP. However, the Avocado, Arang & Macadamia oils play an important role in deep moisturize and soothing hair. PUMPKIN SEED OIL help to fight hair fall and enhance hair growth, those blend oils are rich with nutrients, vitamins,  fatty acids, and omega3,6 who play important role in the health of our hair and scalp.


METHOD OF APPLICATION: 2 to 3 times per week. there are two ways to apply the oil according to the hair type. if you are having an oily scalp or silky hair, you can apply the oil to the scalp as a mask and massage well, then leave it for a minimum of 40 min before, washes. However, if you have dry scalp or curly hair, you can even use it as moisture as leave-in oil. 


Second product: supplement hair serum: anti-fall regrowth. 

This hair serum is an amazing combination of multiple natural extracts, Aminoacid and vitamins to help nutrients the hair from the scalp to the hair end, It includes all the essential ingredients that the hair needs in order to  DETOX, to REGENERATE himself, to fight  PROBLEMS such as Hair FALLING, WEAKNESS AND FRAGILES, ETC. This serum contains rich materials. GINSENG. GUARANA. ROSEMARY. GINKO. SOYA BEAN PEPTIDES. GREEN TEA. & TRICOREXINA COLLAGEN ” the botanical complex of  Tussilago Farfara, Achillea Millefolium and Cinchona Berries” that prevent hair loss in addition to the Aminoacids and vitamins

METHOD OF APPLICATION: minimum 3 times per week, apply to the scalp and well massage it.



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