Raw Material

Agro-industrial waste product can be transfered into significant by-product

Agro-industrial waste is one of concerning subject nowadays, such organic waste from certain fruit such as Mango, Banana and Citrus fruit in specific region of Africa is really a big problem as those fruit are producing in great quantities for 6-8 month per year.
– Some global statistic estimate that, the global waste generated by Mango residue is about 123,000 metric tons of seed by year.
– Orange peel waste is round 3.8 million tons per year
– Banana peel waste is approximately 40 million tons generated annually.
our mission here is to transfer all these organic waste into valuable by-product. not only but also introduced into significant cosmetic, nutraceutical and Phyto cosmetic and other industrial production. 

We are almost ready...

resources 100%
suppliers 62%
customers 75%
industries 60%

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Mango butter obtained from mango Kernel

Essential orang peel oil obtained from organ peel

Banana power obtained from Banana peel