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Dr. Eman+ 

This brand is all about skincare solution. 

Dr.Em products was invent it to give best solution to skin

problems such as Acnes, Pigmentation, Dryness, melasma etc,

Applying as natural ingredients as possible, to give real

effective products that naturally made. 

skin care solution 

Dr. Eman+ Face Anti-marks serum


This serum allows to maintain a healthy and vital skin, reducing imperfections and enhancing its natural brightness.


This serum is a non-greasy gel that contains Alpha-Arbutin, from plant extract, an effective and patented ingredient that help to fight the hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production , to provide skin lightening and brightening effects.


The presents of Multi-vitamins and plant acid extracts, help to reduce black marks due to Acnes, and hyperpigmentation.

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