This is an amazing hair serum in oil,  is 100 % natural oil, it made of 19 blending essential and basic oil, to give ultimate benefits to your SCALP. The presence of TEA TREE OIL and NEEM oil help to purify the scalp, and reduce the sense of pruritus, GINGER OIL, and other essential oils help to stimulate microcirculation. However, CAMILE OIL, COCONUT, AND MACADAMIA OIL  play an important role in deep moisturizing and soothing the SCALP. This blended oil is rich in nutrients, vitamins,  fatty acids, and flavinoids which play an important role in the health of our hair and scalp.


METHOD OF APPLICATION: 2 to 3 times per week. there are two ways to apply the oil according to the hair type. if you are having an oily scalp or silky hair, you can apply the oil to the scalp as a mask and massage well, then leave it for a minimum of 40 min before, washing. However, if you have a dry scalp or curly hair, you can even use it as moisture as leave-in oil. 



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