FERULIC ACID AND VITAMIN C work together to reduce the dark spots due to sun exposure, thus they play a very important role in cellular repair. While SPF protects the skin from father damage from the sunlight.

However, photoaging is accelerating skin aging due to external factors and exposure to direct sun and UV light. Thus a cream with SPF medium is essential for everyday use. This formula contains also the phytochemicals of important plants like chamomile, and Aloe Vera as they are rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals. It also includes Vitamin B5, F, and E to help to regenerate and repair damaged skin. It’s the best combination of repair and protection cream. It’s a light texture and is fast to absorb by the skin. It’s good for all skin types including sensitive ones.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: daily use on clean skin.

  • Why use it: to fight dark spots due to sun exposure. protect from sunlight damage.
  • Who can use it: unisex.
  • When to use it: Morning
  • How to use it: in clean skin.
  • MADE IN ITALY. ECO-friendly. Dermatological recommended



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